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Published: 03/07/2017

The World's Favourite Colour

According to a recent survey carried out by Hull 2017 City of Culture and GF Smith, in which thousands of people across the world were asked to choose their favourite colour, the world's favourite colour has been revealed as Marrs Green. This popular colour is a teal green hue that was named after Annie Marrs of Dundee, who suggested this vibrant colour.

Teal is an excellent colour to use when decorating your home, it is a bold colour that will transform any room. This vivid colour can be used for injecting a summer feeling into your home, making it feel rejuvenated and lively. When summer arrives you may feel you want to brighten your home and add a different style. A quick and cost effective way to add a splash of colour to you home is to change soft furnishings such as curtains, cushion covers and bedding. Doing this will bring a different feel to the room without having to totally redecorate. Colour psychology experts say that teal is a balanced and calming colour and is great for relaxing rooms such as the bedroom, bathroom or living room. Teal is a versatile hue that can be teamed with a wide variety of colours such as white, pink, brown, cream, gold, purple and orange.


The Bedroom


Teal is an excellent statement colour for the bedroom, pairing it with crisp white can make your bedroom look clean and fresh. Teal in the bedroom can create a tranquil feeling to help you unwind after a busy day. Try adding teal accessories such as photo frames, scatter cushions, vases, throws, rugs and curtains to add hints of colour to the room. Be careful not to add too many teal accents to the room as it may become over powering.


The Living Room

Teaming teal with a natural shade is a pleasing colour palette for the living room, colours such as brown, cream and beige compliment this colour beautifully. Adding some voile curtains to your living room for the summer months will allow the summer sun to light up your room whilst maintaining your privacy. You can also add highlights of teal with cushions, a throw or a bold canvas featuring teal.

The Bathroom

Teal can also be used in the bathroom, although as bathrooms tend to be smaller rooms, we advise to use bold colours sparingly for a more appealing result. You can team this colour with other fresh colours such as blue to reenergise your bathroom. Using different shades of this colour also works well to add depth and a more calming feel. Colours can be introduced to your bathroom in the form of towels, showers curtains, bath mats and toothbrush holders. If you are looking to redecorate completely we recommend just painting one wall in your chosen colour with the other walls white or another light tone to avoid making your bathroom feel closed in.

This marvellous colour will also work well in other rooms, try experimenting around your home to create a calm and relaxing style to suit you.

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